9 Best Vlogging Tripod in 2022 for Smooth Handling

Are you an aspiring vlogger and looking to take your game to the next level? This blog post is all about helping you choose the best vlogging tripod for your vlogs.

How to Choose the Best Vlogging Tripod?

how to choose the best vlogging tripod
how to choose the best vlogging tripod

If you want to shoot really smooth and filmy scenes for your vlog, then having a tripod is a must. And as far as the tripod is concerned, here is a list of things to keep in mind while choosing your tripod.

1. Light Weight

Carrying a camera, mic, a bag combines up really heavyweight together and this makes it really necessary to choose a lightweight tripod. A decent tripod would weigh around 10 to 30 Ounces. This is one of the most important element while choosing a tripod for your vlogging business.

2. Flexibility

Vlogging needs a lot of efforts especially while shooting cinematic shots for your audience. This is where you need a flexible tripod because it will help you in shooting next level shots in tough conditions.

3. Durability

If you are a daily vlogger and go out on regular basis then this is a really important element to look for in your vlogging tripod. You must check out How durable is your tripod because in a day their will be a lot of chances in which you might drop your tripod and you definitely don’t want to waste your money.

List of 9 Best Vlogging Tripod

1. Joby JB01507 GorillaPod

Joby JB01507 Vlogging GorillaPod
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Joby’s GorillaPod is the Best Vlogging Tripod that has almost everything you need as a Vlogger. Now, Why I am saying this is because it comes under budget and really easy to handle. It comes with a 3 Way Flexibility, Joby calls them Grip, Wrap, and Stand. The Grip allows you to easily handle the vlogging tripod along with the camera, the Wrap feature allows you to wrap the tripod along any surface, and the Stand feature keeps your camera stable. 

It comes up with bubble levels that let you rotate your camera up to 360 degrees round and 90 degrees tilt. Also, you can easily load up to 3 Kg or 6.6 pounds weight over the tripod. The tripod weighs only 0.86 lbs that makes it easier for you to handle the weight of a vlogging tripod along with the camera or phone. 

The best part about Joby’s JB01507 Tripod it’s a perfect camera tripod for people who are new to vlogging and looking forward to getting stable shots for their audience. 

Key Features

  • Overall Best Vlogging Tripod
  • 6.6 Pounds Weight Capacity
  • Easy to Handle
  • Most Versatile Tripod for Beginners

2. Manfrotto MTPIXI PIXI Mini

Manfrotto MTPIXI PIXI Mini Vlogging Tripod
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Manfrotto Pixi Mini tripod comes with a compact Italian design along with the lightweight. This small beast is the best choice for travel vloggers and for vloggers who love shooting at different places. PIXI only weighs 0.51 Pounds and can handle up to 1 Kg weight upfront. 

Once you attach your device with this mini tripod, it gives you the best stabilization possible. Also, If you are planning to create a small compact photography or filmmaking kit, then I would highly recommend you to have a place for this mini tripod. 

The best part about this tripod is that you can handle any device such as Point & Shoot Cameras, DSLR Camera, Action Cameras, Mobiles, etc. 

Manfrotto MTPIXI PIXI Mini Tripod

3. Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics Tripod
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If you are just starting out as a vlogger, and looking for a budget tripod with mid functions, then you must give a look to Amazon’s Basic Lightweight Tripod. It can stretch up to 50 Inches High and the least it goes is 42 centimeters. The body is made up of Aluminium which can hold only a certain amount of weight. So, if you are using a mid-size camera or phone then you can definitely check out this vlogging tripod.

With Amazon Basics, you get a 3-way adjustable head that allows you to capture shots from different angles without any problem. You also get a quick-release plate that allows you to quickly move your camera while changing the location. 

The best part about this vlogging tripod is that you can easily carry small devices on its aluminum body, which makes handling easier for beginners

The only thing I hate about this vlogging tripod is that it can’t withstand heavy-weight devices or equipment but the low price does justice to these cons.

Amazon Basics Stretched Tripod
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Key Features

4. UBeesize Tripod S

UBeesize Flexible Vlogging Tripod

UBeesize Tripod S is a gorilla vlogging tripod. It is flexible and can be held in hand easily. It is highly lightweight, and it is short in height. You can easily carry it away in your backpack if you are traveling, and your vlogging videos will be super easy. So these were the few advantages of this tripod. I will take an in-depth tripod.

To make you clear, it is not only a phone tripod but also you can fit your DSLR or any other camera to it by using a standard adapter. This tripod has three stands that are short in height, as mentioned above. You can easily bend, twist, wrap each other as you feel comfortable. Also, you can adjust the height of its three legs. So, you can fix the smartphone or DSLR to it and shoot easily with the bare hand. Therefore, it does not require a storage place as well as while shooting.

I can say that it is the best UBeesize gorilla pod available at a reasonable price.

UBeesize Multifunction Flexible Vlogging Tripod

Key Features

  • Flexible in all terms
  • Customize size
  • Best for the smartphone as well as DSLR
  • You shoot with bare hands steadily

5. Manfrotto Compact Action

Manfrotto Compact Vlogging Tripod

Perfect action needs a comfortable and action camera, but you can’t be dependent on the camera’s in-built stabilization. Action is always quick, and you have to move quickly for that steady and fast-moving support is important when Manfrotto Compact Action Vlogging Tripod comes in. I can say that it is affordable and the best to use. It has some good things, such as it is weightless, portable, fit in every circumstance, super intuitive, multi-purpose.

It is headed with an ergonomic joystick that can help you to shoot images and movies very easily by moving the wheel through the joystick. You can also detach and attach easily without using any coins or screwdrivers. It has an adaptor to adjust with higher specification cameras. You will also get this Manfrotto Compact Action tripod in different colors.

The movie or photo selector gives you maximum liberty in all or different circumstances you need your skill and a good camera. For stabilization and making your dream shot come true will be easy by using this tripod.

Manfrotto Compact Vlogging Tripod Head

Key Features

  • Detach and attach instantly
  • Adjustable adaptor to fit with DSLR
  • Ultra weightless and portable
  • Super intuitive to use

6. Sirui ET-35K

Sirui ET-35K Vlogging Tripod

Sirui ET-35K is a tripod that fits into any situation or condition. It can transform itself into any kind of tripod. It may be an action tripod or table tripod. This Sirui tripod is extremely lightweight and can be carried easily in a bag.

It is designed with a center rod that can be adjustable according to your requirement. At the bottom, it has three legs/rods that act as the dual role of the classic tripod and table tripod, as well as a handheld tripod. The ball head on the top operates smoothly and softly. This compact design says that it is best for vloggers, filmmakers, and content creators.

This design results in a smooth and steady image or video, which means cut off in jerk movements. The body is made of aluminum alloy material with a stainless steel body. It takes a few seconds to adjust or customize according to your need.

Also, it is reasonable when it comes to price. I can say that you get the best product at a reasonable or affordable price. These things also enlight this Sirui Vlogging tripod

Sirui ET-35K Vlogging Tripod Detailed

Key Features

  • Affordable price
  • Easy customization and transformation according to situation
  • Stainless steel body
  • Suitable and portable

7. UBeesize 67” Phone Tripod

UBeesize 67'' Phone Tripod for Vlogging

UBeesize Phone Tripod stand is of multi-purpose use. It works as a tripod as well as a selfie stick. You can also shot excellent creative and professional videos. You can’t reach the quality of DSLR through the phone, but you can achieve the skill and stabilization by making use of this UBeesize Phone Tripod Stand. This vlogging tripod can easily shot anywhere and get the best output since UBeesize fits in every different circumstance.

You can go for this without any hesitation. Another catch in this tripod is it also goes well with GoPro. So GoPro users, you can also go for this tripod. Also, fit with DSLR, SLR, Camcorder, action camera. To know some of its best features here is eye reading. 

Key Features

  • Fit with all the cameras
  • Aluminum-alloy material with stainless steel body
  • Weightless
  • fit in every circumstance

8. Manfrotto XPRO

Manfrotto XPRO Vlogging Monopod

Manfrotto XPRO Monopod is our next best vlogging tripod. So if you are a professional photographer or you are a filmmaker, then you can go for it. It has some extraordinary design that will amaze you. So here I share with you all the same.

Manfrotto XPRO Monopod is built with an innovative FLUIDTECH Base for smooth footage. You can work very smoothly now! It also has a fluid video base for producing ultra-smooth videos.

It has a quick power lock that will help you to set up with the help of one hand and quick set up. This power lock will cut off the unnecessary jerk movements. You can customize or adjust its height according to your requirement. It is easy to carry because it is adjustable. You get a comfortable grip and full control over the movement of Monopod while shooting.

Also, it is weightless, and the customized height won’t affect its weight. These are the advantages that attract you to go for this Manfrotto XPRO Monopod. 

Manfrotto XPRO Vlogging Monopod Head

Key Features

  • Easy setup and power quick lock
  • Customize height and slim body
  • Lightweight
  • Fluidtech base for smooth shots

9. SwitchPod DSLR Tripod

SwitchPod DSLR vlogging Tripod

SwitchPod DSLR Tripod is a multi-purpose and the best vlogging tripod. You can observe in the SwitchPod that everything says. You can switch it between handheld as well as tripod mode within seconds. I can say that if you are Youtuber who does vlogging as well as some content videos, then it is the best choice.

If you are passionate about vlogging and other content creation, then it is for you. Since it is a multi-purpose tripod, you can attach and detach it easily. It is designed in a way that it won’t slip from your hands easily.

It is designed with Discreet, recessed feet. Switchpod also has a finger groove that allows you to grip perfectly with your fingers. It has a slim body, and due to this, it results in a lightweight, by detaching the parts. You can easily carry it anywhere and place it anywhere (it may be a pocket, handbag, bag pack). These were the best qualities of the SwitchPod DSLR Tripod.

I recommend this tripod because it is nowhere lacking. It does so it is benefiting in all aspects. So, if you want it for multi-purpose usage, then you can go for it.

Key Features

  • Multi-purpose usage 
  • Solid construction 
  • Slim body and weightless
  • Portable and easy use 
  • Simple assembling

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best vlogging tripod for beginners?

According to me, the best tripod for vlogging is Joby JB01507 Gorillapod. It has almost everything you need as a vlogger. The best part about this tripod is that it comes under budget and is suitable for vloggers of all level.

Where to Buy Vlogging Equipments?

If you want the best vlogging equipements, then I would always recommend you to buy it from Amazon because of it’s return policies and the quality products. The best part is that you can get anything you want in reasonable prices.

Do I really need a tripod?

Well, it all depends on the usage. If you are a daily vlogger and loves to show the world around you to the audience, then I would recommend you to atleast have a tripod. It will actually make you camera handling experience a lot better.

Should I invest money into vlogging?

Yes, Vlogging has becomes a really profitable business at present and people actually love watching vlogs rather than a regular video. If you ask me from the business point of view, then I would definitely recommend you to invest your money wisely and slowly into this business for long term gains.

This was all about the guide and the list of choosing the best vlogging tripod. I have covered almost everything you need. If you are still left with any question, feel free to ask me here.

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