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Overall, Canon 90D is a perfect DSLR that comes with advanced features installed. It delivers the best quality images and videos that give instant and undegraded output too. While other features such as DIGIC 8 Image Processor, autofocus, Electronic Viewfinder, dual battery grip, and many more. You get ISO which captures quality images and videos with minimal noise, it is quite impressive. These things make it a complete and fully loaded featured DSLR. The quality features of Canon 90D have impressed me, and the high-quality webcam makes it an all-rounder camera. Where you can perform a live stream with the Canon 90D feature of EOS Webcam Utility.


Have you ever thought of getting a DSLR that performs great in both Photo and Video? Well, Canon 90D is one of you. And, In this Review, I will share some Hidden insights about this camera.

Let’s Start.

Canon 90D Review 2021

Canon 90D

Canon 90D is one of the best DSLR in the mid-price range for both photography and videography. It is quite popular amongst beginners, YouTubers, vloggers, photographers, filmmakers, and other content creators. It is a full-fledge DSLR that performs well for any type of shoot. You can carry this beast pretty much anywhere because of its sleek design. 

The interchangeable lens feature gives you the liberty to explore more. When it comes to user experience, EOS 90D is made in such a way that anyone can easily access its core features. You get all the technical features such as a CMOS sensor that captures sharpness and depth in images. It can record 4K video recording with great autofocus, EVF (Electronic ViewFinder), DIGIC 8 Image Processor, and many more. 

Canon EOS 90D produces very high-quality images and videos, with clear, sharp, and fine color detailed shots. The compact body of EOS 90D is lightweight with comfortable grips on the body. Overall, it is a well-built DSLR at this price range, which has performed well, which impressed me too. One can opt for Canon 90D without any doubt!

Canon 90D Specs

1. TypeDSLR Camera
2. Sensor32.5MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
3. ProcessorDIGIC 8 Image Processor
4. AutoFocusDual Pixel CMOS AF with 5481 AF Points
5. ResolutionUHD 4K30p & Full HD 120p Video Recording
6. Display3″ 1.04m-Dot Vari-Angle Touchscreen LCD
7. Weight1.54 lb
8. Dimensions5.54 x 4.13 x 3.02″
9. ConnectivityWi-Fi and Bluetooth
10. PriceCheck Current Price

Canon 90D Pros and Cons


  • You can capture images of quality 32.2MP
  • You can record 4K videos.
  • It is equipped with a CMOS sensor
  • DIGIC 8 Image Processor for quality images
  • Fast and accurate 45-points Autofocus.
  • High-quality EOS webcam utility
  • Multi-controller customization makes it user-friendly.
  • Vari-angle 3.0 inches LCD touchscreen


  • Video format limited only to Mp4
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Canon 90D Key Features

Here is the list of Key Features that comes with Canon 90D.

1. Image Quality

The Canon 90D holds a whole new story when it comes to image quality and compared to its predecessor (Canon 80D). It captures images of 32.5 MP with help of the APS-C CMOS sensor. This DSLR is the highest resolution capturing in APS-C DSLRs released so far. With such a capturing ability, it can capture an image with very fine detailing. At lower ISO Canon 90D captures good quality images. It delivers decent dynamic range performance with good exposure and tonal adjustment flexibility. At high ISO you get decent quality images. I can say a perfect combination for every photographer, where you get support for automated filters too.

2. Video Quality

Technically you get upgraded video quality compared to the predecessor. You can record videos of 4K UHD quality. Further, in HD quality the framerates boost up to 120fps. Canon EOS 90D allows you to record videos of 4K/30fps and 1080p/60fps. It is a special mode to boost the framerate and quality. The fine detailed, and crisp video recording is pleasing even in low-lighting conditions. The clean HDMI out up to 4K and HDR at 1080p. You get continuous high-quality video recording up to 29 minutes, 59 seconds. Overall, extremely well performer in this aspect by Canon 90D.

3. Build Quality

Canon 90D is built with very high-quality material. The build quality is excellent, which gives you a professional feel. The compact size of 90D gives you the liberty to carry it anywhere with less storage space it acquires. It also has weather sealing that makes it a great option for travel vloggers. You can shoot in any weather, this shows that Canon EOS 90D won’t be an obstacle for exploring and capturing the extreme moments. Overall, I feel, it is excellent in terms of build quality and worth it!

4. Autofocus

Though there is no change in the autofocus compared to the previous model, Canon 80D. The update enhanced the autofocus of Canon 90D which is now fast and precise. The 45 points all cross-type autofocus system helps you to capture the fast-moving object, clear and sharp. In 90D autofocus also offers face-detection while using the viewfinder. This system is rare to find in the traditional DSLRs. While capturing images, autofocus gives you an amazing experience. But, the Dual Pixel CMOS AF tech works perfectly for video autofocus too.

5. Display/Screen

Canon 90D Flip Screen

Canon 90D Flip Screen Camera makes it a worthy option for Vloggers. The size of the LCD screen is 3.0 inches which gives you a flipping option. You can make it turn towards you and record vlogs, capture selfies. Along with that, it makes your video more cinematic and creative by making you shoot difficult angled shots easy. EOS 90D’s LCD touchscreen has 1.04M-dot pixels that help you review clear, sharp, and fine color detailed images and videos captured. This touchscreen helps you to access the camera easily, which makes it user-friendly and also, offers you access features such as Autofocus.

6. Handling

The Canon 90D can be easily controlled since the body design is perfect for that. Along with this, you get user-friendly navigation and controls. The new multi-controller is the change in Canon 90D. You get a new 8-way joystick (multi-controller in Canon-speak). This controller is placed at a perfect point, and it can be used to get the focus point adjusted. Overall, user-friendly operations that can be easily adapted by beginners.

7. ViewFinder

You get the best performing EVF (Electronic ViewFinder) in Canon 90D. One of the best updates in Viewfinder is that you can use autofocus. Along with that, the viewfinder is fast and has no lag, which makes you shoot fast-moving objects. The electronic Viewfinder gives you full-screen coverage, which is the best part of EVF.

8. Data Sharing

Canon 90D gives you instant and quick data sharing. You can share the data captured, such as images and videos in different formats quickly. It is possible via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which needs a portable device to connect with the following connectivity for instant sharing. These options make you access extraordinary features such as remote shooting. Along with that, using the Camera Connect App, you can instantly view on the web and direct sharing on the web portals. This feature makes an advanced finished DSLR.

9. Battery

Canon 90D holds a high battery life. It gives you more opportunities to capture images and videos. Along with that, the specialty of EOS 90D is your battery grip BG-E14, which holds the double battery packs of LP-E6N, which enables virtually seamless vertical operations and additional functions with navigation of buttons. Overall, you get good battery life that helps in continuous shooting.

10. Image Processor

Having an in-built image processor makes a fast and lag-free camera that delivers quality captured images in no time. The Canon 90D is equipped with a DIGIC 8 Image Processor, which is a decent version of DIGIC for 90D. Likewise, it helps to make the image processing operations fast and quality. You get fine color-detailed images with no pixelation. This image processor works better even at high ISO with minimal grains or noise in the image. DIGIC 8 Image Processor makes the 90D to deliver the best quality images. 

Canon 90D Sample Shots

Canon 90D Price

Canon EOS 90D Accessories

Canon EOS 90D comes with two different lens option.

1. With 18-55mm IS STM Lens

2. With 18-135mm IS USM Lens

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