Sony a6400 Review 2021 | Best Budget Mirrorless Camera?

Are you Looking forward to get a Budget Mirrorless Camera with the best in class features? Sony a6400 is definitely made for you. It’s a fun to use compact camera which is a great option for anyone who wants to upgrade their camera game.

You can pretty much use this anywhere you want, whether it’s shooting a Vlog, YouTube Video, Course Content, Social Media Posts, or anything you want. This camera will always make you feel special.


Sony a6400 is one of the best cameras in the Sony alpha series line. I have used the Sony a6400 and fell in love with this budget mirrorless camera. The design might look old, but the technology equipped in the Sony a6400 is advanced and delivers high performance.

I compliment the Sony a6400 for its extraordinary World’s Fastest AutoFocus (0.02 seconds). The Hybrid AF equipped in Sony a6400 gives you different types of AutoFocus. Also, the object tracking is quite good and fast. Whereas, fine color detailing enhances the images and videos. You get an extremely good image quality of 24.2 MP due to the APS-C Exmor CMOS sensor. It allows you to record 4K quality videos at 30fps. It is one of the best mirrorless cameras that Sony has, which can deliver high-quality performance. Coming to the EVF (Electronic ViewFinder), another boom element that Sony a6400 has, which covers the 100% field. 

When you experience and explore the Sony a6400, you will find many extraordinary features that will enhance your skill and vision. A must-try camera for beginners

Sony a6400 [Pros and Cons]


  • One and foremost advantage of the Sony a6400 is the lightweight (403 grams) and compact body that suits best for bare hand photography and vlogging. 
  • World’s fastest and intelligent Autofocus. 
  • The 24.2 MP images are of good quality due to the sensor APS-C Exmor CMOS sensor installed. 
  • The tiltable 180 degrees 3.0-inch flip screen will be an upper hand when it comes to vlogging.
  • The EVF is fast and precise, which has 2,359k dots and 100% coverage. 
  • You get a quality output even with an ISO Range of up to 32,000. This means you can shoot better with Sony a6400 in low light. 
  • You can easily share the data from Sony a6400 to other portable devices via NFC, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. 
  • Continuous shooting up to 11fps, which is a decent number!


  • There is no IBIS (In-Built Image Stabilization). 
  • The system controls and menu settings are a mess for beginners.
  • You won’t be able to shoot for long hours because of short battery life. 

Sony a6400 Key Features & Specifications

You can check out some of the key features and specification this camera has.

Build Quality

a6400 Build Quality

This compact size camera has extremely good build quality with 6.2 x 9.2 x 4.55 inches dimensions. It also gives you the option of an interchangeable lens that makes it a very compatible digital camera. I love the way the Sony a6400 offers the perfect Hand Grip while shooting. It offers very comfortable bare hand usage and offers flexibility while shooting at different angles. Along with that, the compact body is weather-sealed with an added layer of dustproof. These couple of things will help you to enjoy underwater photography and videography.


Sony a6400 has the world’s fastest autofocus. The AutoFocus functions in less than 0.02 seconds which is unbeatable. This Hybrid AF also enables the option of touch AF that is the best function while shooting fast-moving objects. It includes 4D Focus that brings out premium quality photos and videos. The real-time tracking AF processes the special object recognition algorithm with fine color details. Along with that, you get AI which helps in detecting real-time eye AF, which effectively detects left and right eye while shooting a portrait or vlog videos. The face detecting AF will help you get clear and fast images of the models. Overall, the fastest and versatile AF equipped in Sony a6400 is very effective in photography and videography. 


You get a very lightweight and compact body with the best in class handling experience. Sony a6400 weighs around 403 grams (1.7 pounds). It can be easily carried anywhere and can be shot without any tripod support for longer hours. The best part is that it makes vlogging a lot more simple and painless. You can take shots from almost any angle without worrying about the handing. Another good thing about the Sony a6400 is when you attach a large lens, the weight of this camera is comparatively less to other cameras in this segment.  

Video Quality

Sony a6400 helps you to record up to 4K quality at 30fps which is great for comparison to other cameras in this price segment. It offers you different shooting modes along with the best low-light video quality. The 4K quality videos read out full pixels and it is equivalent to the 6K quality due to no pixel binning. Ultimately, you get an ultimate output with fine color detailing and depth. You get add-on features in videography like HDR (HLG), Gamma Display Assist, S-Gamut3/S-Log 3 And 3, and recording in Full HD at 120 fps for up to 5x slow motion HD video7. To enhance the video’s audio, you get an external mic jack which is a blessing to YouTubers and content creators. 

Photo Quality

Sony a6400 Sample Shots
Credit: Sony

Sony a6400 stands high when it comes to choosing a camera for photography. You can capture 24.2 MP images with its APS-C Exmor CMOS sensor. The fastest AutoFocus acts as the cherry on the cake while shooting the photos. The continuous 11 frames per second help you to capture images precisely and it also covers every part of the photo in detail. You also get the silent shooting mode along with other different shooting modes like auto-exposure, etc. These things help you to capture images according to the situation. The BIONZ X image processing engine will help get fast, accurate, and high-quality photos. 


a6400 flip screen

The 3.0-inch touch display plays a very important role while recoding face videos like in Vlogs. It has a 180-degree tiltable screen, however, it makes it easy for vloggers to shoot themselves. I can surely say that the display of a6400 contributes well enough to make it an easy-to-use camera. The best part is that the camera is not limited up to a touch screen but You can access various features with a single touch like Autofocus, viewfinder, and many more. You can also use these features through buttons and change the setting with a touch.

Low Light Performance

sony a6400 low light samples
Credit: Sony

Sony a6400 is the ultimate performer in daylight, but does it do well in low light? Yes, it does! It has an ISO Range of 100-32000 that helps in getting extraordinary output in low lighting conditions. The Auto-exposure and AutoFocus perform excellently in low light. The low-light photos and videos are very clear and have little to no noise. The above picture is the best example of the camera performance in low light. Even at the high ISO settings, you get the best quality. This feature makes it an adaptive compact size digital camera.

Miscellaneous Features

Above were the prime features that need to be mentioned about Sony a6400. You get complimented features such as easy data transfer via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC. Through this, you can easily transfer your captures to portable devices, rechargeable batteries, interchangeable lenses, and a warranty. These were the few compliment features that make it an extraordinary budget camera

Sony a6400 Sample Shots

Below, you can check out some of the sample shots taken by Sony a6400. The samples include both Photos and Videos that might make you fall in love with the camera performance.


My final stake in this Sony a6400 mirrorless camera is that you can easily go for it without any second thought. If you are a beginner in this creative world of photography and Filmmaking then this camera will surely add up in building your experience. Also, the Professional feature makes it a very good option for YouTubers who like to carry on-the-go cameras with great photo and video output quality. I feel that getting the world’s fastest AutoFocus Camera under the $1000 budget is a blessing to you.

Yes, there are few flaws in the Sony a6400 but those are very normal and can be negotiable for the price range. I will finally say that it would be a smart move and a one-time affordable investment if you choose this beast.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do the A6400 shoot in 4K at 60fps?

No, Unfortunately, you can shoot 4K at 30fps only.

Can we use the lens of A6300 in a6400?

Yes, You can use the lenses of a6300 in a6400.

What is Weather-Sealed?

Weather-Sealed means that the camera is Dustproof and moisture resistant.

What is the Charging Time for the a6400?

The highest a6400 should be charged is 150 minutes.

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