Canon Rebel T6 Review 2024 | Best DSLR for Beginners?

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Struggling to find the most honest Canon Rebel T6 Review? Check out this post specially designed to help you take better decision before buying.


Canon Rebel T6
1. Sensor18MP CMOS sensor
2. AutoFocus9-Point AF with Center Cross-Type Point
3. Image ProcessorDIGIC 4+ Image Processor
4. Screen Size3-Inches
5. Video Resolution1080p HD Videos
6. Weight1.07 lbs
7. ISO Range100-6400
8. PriceCheck Current Price

Canon Rebel T6 is a Basic DSLR Camera that comes with some extraordinary features of professional DSLRs. Overall, the camera is one of the best budget options for beginners. If you are planning to learn photography or start as a hobby, T6 is the best option to go with. It comes with an 18-Megapixel Camera Sensor that captures the most realistic photos with a click. The ease of using this camera will definitely make you fall in love with photography. You can check out the in-depth review below to understand more about this camera.

Who Should Consider Buying Canon EOS Rebel T6?

  • People Beginner in Photography
  • Who want to Start as a Hobby
  • People Going on a Family Trip
  • Moms who want to capture memories
  • People Hosting Family Functions or Parties

Canon Rebel T6 [Pros and Cons]


  • Perfect For Beginners
  • Easy to Use
  • Best Budget Option
  • Fast AutoFocus
  • Light-Weight & Easy to Handle
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Interchangeable lens
  • Built-In-Flash
  • Great Battery Life


  • No external Microphone jack
  • No Touch Screen
  • Average Video Quality
Canon T6 Review

Canon Rebel T6 Key Features & Specifications


The Canon T6 is equipped with 18-Megapixel CMOS Sensor that captures the best photographs possible. These photos are great for printing for walls or Tshirts because they never deteriorate in terms of quality. You can also share or transfer images without worrying about the quality of the photos. The sensor works really well and captures beautiful and bright images with zero noise.


Canon EOS T6 is equipped with Digic 4+ Image Processor that boosts the functioning of the camera. You will surely love the performance of the camera even after extensive use. The image processor helps in smoothing down the image with higher noise and also works for the perfect balance of brightness, gradations, colors even in the low lighting conditions.


The Autofocus of T6 is relatively fast when using the viewfinder, but when shooting in Live View mode it is just way too slow. Sometimes thinking up to five seconds or longer to lock in focus. This cost means to just barely miss focus and several shots, which was pretty disappointing to see. Thankfully Canon does include a pretty interesting feature called Autofocus Quick Mode. It basically temporarily interrupts the Live View image focuses and then changes back to Live View mode and this is much faster than just shooting in Live View mode.

-Photo Quality

The photo quality really impressed me because they’re very sharp. Thanks to the 18-Megapixel Sensor with Good Color Accuracy. Canon is known for their great color science and I can push the RAW files really far in post check. When compared with most of the mid-range DSLRs, It has a very similar output in terms of color reproduction and overall quality.

-Video Quality

Moving on to the video quality, I’ll just say that the Canon EOS T6 Rebel isn’t great for the way I like to shoot video. It can shoot up to 1080p videos at 30 frames per second, but it does look to be a bit on the soft side. Video on the T6 has two major drawbacks one of which, I already mentioned the lack of a flip-out display but the other is the lack of Continuous Autofocus this means that you’ll have to use manual focus for everything you’re shooting. It makes things a lot more difficult especially if you’re shooting in a shallow depth-of-field or filming a moving subject


The T6 is equipped with a 3-inch fixed display that works perfectly as a live viewfinder. Even though the screen quality is great buy one thing where it lacks is the Touch. I really feel that a Touch Screen would have made this camera a lot better in operating for beginners.

-Build Quality

The camera body itself feels surprisingly great for the price. There’s no top LCD, no scroll wheel on the back, there are fewer dedicated buttons and a less pronounced grip. In my opinion, all of these are pretty reasonable sacrifices but what’s harder to work with is the lack of a flip-out display touchscreen and a microphone input jack. Since the Canon T6 supports Wireless Connectivity to smartphones through the Canon Camera App, it makes the process of shooting a lot easier.

-Ease Of Use

Let’s talk about the settings and intuitiveness. You can adjust the sharpness, contrast, saturation, and color tone just like other Canon DSLRs. Even though the touchscreen would have made the whole process easier. The user experience of Canon T6 is just not quite as fluid as I’d want it to be. But for a beginner, it is appropriate.


First, the Canon Rebel EOS T6 is limited to just 6400 ISO and shows some noise in the photos. The t6 shows much more noise and it is pretty visible from ISO 800 and 1600 is probably the highest. The noise just becomes too noticeable, so I’d say that this camera definitely performs much better in properly lit environments rather than in low lighting conditions. You can check out the best low-light video cameras here.


Now we’ll briefly go over the lenses that come with the camera. It comes with an 18-55-millimeter kit lens which is the best lens option for a beginner. The great thing about the 18-55 is that it has image stabilization which helps a lot with handheld photography. It also offers a great focal range for beginners because you can shoot wide at 18 millimeters for things like landscapes. Overall, it’s a great lens for beginners in photography. You can upgrade the lens later as your skills grow. 

Canon Rebel T6 Sample Shots

Canon Rebel T6 Sample Image
Credit: Canon

The above image is clicked at f/8.0 Aperture, ISO speed at 100, Daylight White Balance, and 0.4 seconds Shutter Speed. You can notice the details of image and understand the capacity of this camera.

Credit: Canon

The above image is clicked by Manual exposure Shooting Mode, 1/125 sec Shutter Speed, f/84.0 Aperture, ISO Speed at 100, and EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens.

Below, you can find some of the highest recommended accessories to consider while buying Canon T6. All these are optional but buying these can help you build a powerful beast. The list of accessories includes Two lenses, one memory card, and a Mic (Must Buy).


Let’s take a look at the conclusion of the Canon Rebel T6 Review. Overall, T6 is one of the best budget cameras in the market. If you are planning to start photography as a hobby or even a career, then I would definitely recommend you to buy this little beast. It has all the features you need in a camera but still lacks some of the basic features like a Touch Screen and external mic connectivity. But you can opt for an additional mic which comes really cheap.

Also, if you are planning to buy a Camera for YouTube or any other Social Media platform, then I would suggest you to go with some other options because the video shooting experience is not that great and you might not like the Focus especially while shooting videos of moving objects.


What lenses are compatible with Canon Rebel t6?

The Canon T6 is compatible with any Canon EF Lenses (including EF-S lenses, excluding EF-M lenses).

How to connect Canon Rebel T6 to MAC?

You can connect your EOS T6 using the EOS Utility app. And, it will allow you to navigate through your camera and transfer the files to the MAC.

How long does a Canon Rebel T6 battery last?

On an overage the battery lasts for an Hour or more depending upon the usage. Overall, it’s really good as compared to the other camera options in this price range.

Is a Canon Rebel T6 a professional camera?

Rebel T6 is a DSLR Camera for beginners that comes with Intuitive controls and great image quality.

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