The Latest Canon EOS 90D Firmware Update (2023)

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By Alex Jones

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The Latest Canon EOS 90D Firmware Update is v1.1.1.

In this post, I will share the list of features offered by the latest Canon EOS 90D Firmware Version.

Canon EOS 90D Front with Lens

Firmware v1.1.1 Benefits & Improvements

According to the Official Canon Website, you will get the following benefits by updating your firmware.

  • The option to capture both 4K and Full HD movies in the frame rate of 23.98p has been newly added.
  • 2. Fixes an issue where error code “Err 01” may be displayed when using EF85mm F1.8 USM or EF100mm F2 USM lenses.

Download Canon EOS 90D Firmware Update

Below, you can find out the Download links to the latest Canon EOS 90D firmware. These links are from the official Canon Website and no-third party website has any sort of interference.

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  1. Hi!
    I am a new owner of the 90D, so sorry for my newbie question. My camera has the firmware ver. 1.1.2 – is this newer than the 1.1.1 then? Or is the 1.1.1 newest?


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